Baby Dragon Die Holder - Miniature by Adventurers and Adversaries


Embark on a magical gaming odyssey with our Baby Dragon Die Holder - Miniature, a captivating addition to your gaming realm! Freshly hatched and ready for action, this adorable companion from our latest collection is poised to accompany you on thrilling adventures through the mystical realms of your tabletop quests.

Named for its playful demeanor and penchant for excitement, the Baby Dragon Die Holder is your trusty guardian for safeguarding precious dice. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this miniature captures the essence of a fantastical creature, adding a touch of enchantment to your gaming table.

Tailored for adventurers aged 14 years and above, this exquisite creation is not a toy and features small components that may pose a choking hazard. Exercise caution and keep it out of reach of young children as you embark on epic journeys with your newfound friend.

The Baby Dragon Die Holder arrives unpainted and unassembled, inviting you to unleash your creativity and personalize it with your unique style. Express your inner artist, infusing this already captivating companion with a burst of color and personality.

Built with durability in mind, our miniature D20 holder is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring your dice are not only secure but also easily accessible during your gaming escapades. Elevate your tabletop experience with the convenience and charm of the Baby Dragon Die Holder.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice explorer, the Baby Dragon Die Holder - Miniature is an essential addition to your collection. Beyond its practical purpose, it becomes a cherished possession, embodying the spirit of adventure and sparking your imagination.

Secure your own Baby Dragon Die Holder - Miniature today and embark on epic gaming quests with a trusted companion by your side. Let the mythical charm of the baby dragon infuse your gaming sessions, creating memories that will endure through countless tabletop adventures.


Proudly Made in the USA. Miniatures sold unpainted and require assembly. Dice Not Included with purchase. Please allow for an additional 3 business days for these to ship.