About Us

The creation of an RPG character is an intensely personal endeavor. Countless hours are spent thinking about the look and feel of your character, what makes them special and unique, and how they approach and interact with their world. As customers ourselves we have always felt when looking at miniatures on the shelf that while there are products we use, they aren’t always products we love or that really captured the feeling of our characters. With that in mind we wanted to launch a miniature product line which would capture the imagination and wonder of our adventuring party and really bring a sense of character to each player.  Adventurers & Adversaries is a product line designed to get you pumped to place your character on the battle mat when it’s time to roll for initiative!

So, the goals for A&A are simple:

  • Produce a line of miniatures that can be painted by anyone of any skill level regardless of previous experience.
  • Produce miniatures for as many of the different ancestries throughout as many RPG settings as possible.
  • Have each miniature be able to tell a story of that ancestry's customs and society through their equipment, clothing, and design.
  • Provide tons of customization options so the player can really create a model which represents their character.

Our first campaign was a major success fulfilling rewards 3 months earlier than expected for our basic packaging backers. Our second KS fulfilled 2 months ahead of time during a global pandemic. We are looking to introduce more ancestries to our catalog as voted on by our campaign backers.

Norse Foundry and Board Dog Games share a desire to see this product line brought to life and made available for everyone and over the past few months we’ve been hard at work doing just that. We’ve poured all of our available resources, including the profits from our Kickstarter campaigns, into the production of these miniatures so that we can share that vision with our community, and now they’re available for non-backers as well.


We've gathered leading industry artists who’ve previously worked with companies such as Sideshow Collectibles, Cool Mini or Not, Warlord Games, Privateer Press, and Steamforged Games. This talented pool of artists has been working around the clock to bring our vision to life, and they’ve done a splendid job of it!

Once the sculpts were in place it was time to find a manufacturer, and one of our company goals is that we make our products with people we know, trust and love. With over two decades of experience in the industry we knew just who to work with, and we’re proud to announce that production of the resin line will be done in the United States. Not only will this help us ensure we’re producing top quality miniatures, but we’ve been able to target a very reasonable delivery window.